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Reference Papers:

The Enchanted Calendar of the Mouras Encantadas. A discussion of Portuguese legends describing the Mouras, enchanted women descending from the Moors. Isabel Cardigos, PhD. Director, Centro de Estudos Ataíde Oliveira (CEAO), FCHS (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences), University of the Algarve, Faro, Portugal PDF, 164 KB »

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The Return of the Feminine & the World Soul, an excerpt from a forthcoming book by the same title by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. For additional information, video and audio presentations, lectures and more, please visit this generous site here. PDF, 448 KB »

Lament and Renewal in Temenos Oz. On the telos of lament from a topical and mythological perspective by Glenda Cloughley, Jungian Analyst (email); for the Barbara Blackman Temenos Foundation (in conjunction with the State and National public art galleries in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra), Australia, Annual Public Lecture 2004. PDF, 780 KB »

Songs of Sorrow and Desire. Glenda Cloughley, Jungian Analyst.PDF, 116 KB »

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The Purpose of Praise: Past and Future in The Lusiads of Luís de CamõesAn Inaugural Lecture in the Camões Chair of Portuguese. Helder Malta Macedo, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Portuguese, King’s College London, since October 2004. Please see Dr. Macedo’s complete CV for a bibliography listing books and articles published by this prolific writer and poet. PDF, 1.1 MB »


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Fernando PessoaFernando Pessoa, 1888-1935
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I am the escaped one

I am the escaped one.

After I was born

They locked me up inside me

But I left.

My soul seeks me,

Through hills and valley.

I hope my soul

Never finds me.

Fernando Pessoa signature


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